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Enterprise Self Hosted URL Shortener

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Product Description

Consistency is what makes a good team or product brand great. Create custom links that carry your branding through the use of a vanity URL across every device and channel.  

  • Everyone prefers clean and short links
  • Promotes sharing
  • It's far easier to text in a short URL than a long one
  • They make links more manageable
  • They can track and compile click data
  • People Are Used To Them
  • Complete control over how your links appear, and how you redirect users
  • Mobile Deep Linking Supported use with your iOS / Android App
  • Use your existing Domain - look professional
Solves the problems of
  • Inadvertently sharing authentication information on public URL Shorteners
  • Long SharePoint links impossible to send via IM
  • Changing internal or external product pages
  • Updating Documentation with latest links
  • Tracking who's using your brand
Cons to using a public free service
  • Many URL shorteners use their own branding
  • Most do not allow vanity URLs without monthly costs
  • Unreliable service
  • Slower
  • Inadvertently sharing authentication information on public URL Shorteners
  • The increasing proliferation of so-called ‘fake news’ means online viewers are potentially more likely to be wary of shortened links. That can lead to distrust, resulting in fewer clicks. This isn’t an inherent problem with link shortening per se, but can still be harmful nonetheless
  • Other click tracking and URL shortening services (such as and allow anyone to view click statistics. Self Hosting means you keep your click data private.
  • Supports container based authentication and authorization for easy SSO (Single Sign On) and LDAP Integration
  • Supports many popular enterprise database technologies such as Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, Postgres, DB2, SyBase, PostGres using a JNDI datasource
  • War file for easy deployment to existing Application servers
  • Demo download here - Note does not provide authentication.  It's simply to test deployment, functionality and performance.

Self Hosted Enterprise Grade URL Shortener - Easy to deploy War file with Container Authorization for yours and Information Security peace of mind!

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